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{ ✯ :: — Well, surprise surprise. Look who decided to show their stupid face in public. Say, has anyone called the cops yet or are you waiting for that accommodating night in jail?

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The offer was tempting although she was going to leave it alone. Who the hell did he think he was talking to her like this. But her teenage mind forgot about it. “You’re just lucky I have a lesson to attend to.” 

Yeah, sure. Have fun in kindergarten. He knew an excuse when given one, but rarely did he bother to pry at them. The girl wasn’t up to go through all the way to a fight with a stranger, like most sensible individuals. Though he had a feeling that with her brand of annoying, she’d be back.



"I wouldn’t really mess with me if I was you twat. I might break you in two…." 

Whatever, I’d love to see you try. Obviously you don’t get the concept of ‘leave me the fuck alone’, so I’ll break it down for you: Stop annoying me. And everything you love will remain intact. Capite?



"I may be a twerp, but at least I’m not a twat like you.” 

Yeah? Like I care — go harass someone else or else I might break your finger next time you decide to poke me.

txgercub: Pokes the other in his side.

; he jolted away from the prod, quite naturally

Do you mind, you twerp? 

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